Writing Cross-Genre Novels

Most novels tend to stick to a particular genre, which is why many first-time writers may want to create something a little different by fusing two or more styles together. Blending the elements from multiple genres may seem somewhat daunting at first, but there are a few pitfalls to avoid before getting started.

  • Don’t blend too many genres. Tirelessly slaving over a fusion of romance, mystery and gothic fiction may seem like it will grab any reader’s attention, but keep in mind that if it is confusing to write, then it will definitely be confusing to read. Your audience will certainly enjoy a deviation from the more traditional forms of writing, but may be put off by having too much thrown at them. It is best to stick to two genres so as not to overcomplicate things for the reader – or yourself.
  • Keep one genre at the forefront of the novel.  It may be confusing for readers to decide if a novel is for them when they cannot pinpoint its character. Since consumers often like to know what they are buying before they are buying it, it is best to decide outright which genre will be at the focus of your work. Putting more emphasis on one genre also makes a novel easier to categorise, and allows the publisher to market your book to its ideal audience.
  • Put story ahead of gimmick. It might be tempting to rely foremost on the appeal of a new, innovative blend of writing style to attract readers, but if the writing itself is not up to scratch then the buzz around your novel may be short-lived. Try to keep the focus on your excellent writing skills, rather than letting the fusion of genres steal focus.

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